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Beautiful BUT Deadly Coffin Bookmarks - FULL SET

  • Beautiful BUT Deadly Coffin Bookmarks - FULL SET

Beautiful BUT Deadly coffin shaped bookmarks, perfect for every darkling. Use them to hold your place in your favourite book of nightmares, in your daily dream or tarot journal or to mark your most used entries in your grimoire.

The foil is shiny enough to keep you entranced for hours. So if you’re under a magpie attack, throw one of these bookmarks at it and make your swift getaway.

This set comes with:
1 x Foxglove and Birds bookmark
1 x Black Widow and Web bookmark
1 x Three-Headed Snake and Belladonna bookmark
1 x The Rose Moth planchette sticker

All bookmarks are hand cut, foiled with gold and finished off with a rose gold tassel to make them extra fancy. They are made with my very own hands after clawing my way out of the crypt in the dark hours of the night. It does mean that there may some minor imperfections here and there but it doesn’t affect the quality. No two are exactly alike, and isn’t that what we all strive for afterall?

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